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We are, so you can send the most beautiful bouquet, and put your signature on the most splendid gift basket. We would like to make your wedding memorable with our flowers, your home and office more pleasant with our plants. This is our dream.

Flower delivery

of the highest quality
in Budapest and it’s surroundings

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Office decoration

You don’t need to worry about anything to do with flowers and plants any more! We will do all the work that’s needed to keep your flowers and plants beautiful. All you have to do is enjoy it! There are several options you can choose from: starting with weekly renewing fresh flower compositions to gorgeous plants blooming for months. You feel different with beautiful flowers around you. Stress disipates, partners are kinder, thought flies quicker amongst our flowers Give it a try!

Fresh flower compositions

Fresh, cut flowers decorations can refresh every week on your desk or at the customer service.

Green plants in the office

Plants create a great atmosphere around us and work goes easier too with them.

Long lasting office wonders

Creative decorations from FLEURT for those who desire unconventional decoration.

Meeting room decorations

Fresh flowers and beautiful compositions for the success negotiations.

Those projects are the most successful where the plants and their holders are devised during the planning. The architect or the interior architect has the chance to create a great pre-built space for the plants. Fleurt gladly join to the project in this period. We take notice of aesthetics and practicality and not least we also note the budget.

Office decoration with fresh flower

A nice decoration with fresh flowers can be a great welcome at the reception for the customers and for the office workers too.

Office decoration with plants

Where there’s light and space there need to be placed plants too. We not only install plants, we help you to choose the perfect one to your office considering the environment and care. You can browse in our gallery!

Long lasting office decorations

Where the light and climate conditions don’t permit green plant decoration there we suggest FLEURT’s durable, dried flower compositions that you may enjoy for years. We can design it and present it with photos.

Conference table decorations

Discussion will be important? Need you something to the table fast? Order from FLEURT! Compositions with small potted plants can retain their beauty for months.

Office decorations – decorative background

Offices, shopping centers, restaurants, creative decorating ideas: browse this gallery.

Festive office decorations

For special occasions or corporate events we offer customized and budget-law decoration. Contact us to have your festive proposal in time!

Fleurt – Office decoration in Style