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We are, so you can send the most beautiful bouquet, and put your signature on the most splendid gift basket. We would like to make your wedding memorable with our flowers, your home and office more pleasant with our plants. This is our dream.

Flower delivery

of the highest quality
in Budapest and it’s surroundings

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Interior decoration

FLEURT – home decoration in modern style

Not only florists work in our creative team. Interior, decorator, holticulturist and handicraft’s expert also helps our work.


We can take your home the magic of fresh flowers from week to week or occasionally.


Ahol a friss virág nem lenne praktikus, oda tartós dekorációkból komponálunk díszítést.

Vermont Design

Real frozen flowers with the beauty of fresh flowers. They are really long lasting compositions.


No home can be snug without potted plants.


Decorations that you can buy only from FLEURT.


Only for you or just for present – Best gift’s ideas from FLEURT

Ügyfeleink lakásaiba, házaiba az enteriőrbe illeszkedő növényeket, virágokat és azok kiegészítőit tervezzük.

House decoration with fresh flowers

There is no more elegant thing than a weekly renewable fresh flower composition. We decorate your home with the most beautiful flowers of the season and placed them in perfect vases. On demand we can update and variate them every week.

Long lasting home decoration

Our durable decorations can clothe your room even for years. These unique and elegant ornaments combined with fresh flowers can renew for time to time. We recommend them because of their beauty and for those places where potted plants aren’t able to live.

Vermont design

Vermont ornaments are made in Kenya by a meticulous handwork. Due to the special freezing technology they can keep the beauty of fresh flowers and leaves for years.

House decoration with potted plants

Our horticulture expert will offer and install the most impressive plants to your home. We will help you to choose the best pots too. Our most popular potted plant decorations are those one, which are complemented with exciting accessories. These decorations are really good ideas for a gift too.

Fleurt design home decoration

Fleurt’s designers can conjure special and unique decorations from flowers and plants. The objects come to individual life. They can be astounding, impressive and can provoke a smile at the same time.

Home decoration’s items and gifts

We offer several products as home decorations, and they also can be great gifts too. Vases, candles, design books – only some of our home.decoration items.